Dear Partners is Green,

In a time when so much seems to be beyond our control, it is easy to revert to old habits, and to assume that there is little we can do to “stem the tide.”

Or we can leave it up to the “experts” and hope that new technology, some great innovation will save us. It may, but that doesn’t mean that responsibly doesn’t also lie with us.

Regardless of what others are doing, we must be the change we hope to see. And if not us, who? And if not now, when?

This month I am revisiting the effect on our environment of the food we choose to buy. We know that much of it ends up in the garbage bin: wilting lettuce, avocados passed their prime, freezer burned meat or fish, moldy bread, not to mention packaging: styrofoam trays, plastic wrap and containers. All fodder
for the landfill.

And those landfills grow by leaps and bounds. And the fact is even much of our recycling end up there. If you haven’t already, visited your local landfill, now might be the time. You will be amazed, or more likely, shocked.

But there is hope. You can make a dent in the mountains of trash, you can reduce your carbon footprint by changing your diet, and altering your shopping habits.

Begin by walking by those high calorie, low nutrition foods like candy and soda, and packaged snacks which are not only bad for you, but make up a tenth of the average families’ carbon footprint!

This month focus on your eating habits, or your “non-eating” habits.

Pay attention to how much gets thrown away, both the food and the packaging.

Below are a few guidelines, and an estimated reduction in your carbon footprint.

  • Eliminate waste by eating what you buy — 25%
  • Go vegan — 25% ( even two days a week)
  • Eat in-season, while avoiding hothouses and air freight — 10%
  • Recycle and avoid excessive packaging — 6%
  • Reduce waste by buying items from the front of the shelves, reduced-price items, and misshapen fruit and vegetables — 2%
  • Cook using less energy — 5% or eat more raw foods: fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and sprouted grains.

It has been estimated that by following these guidelines you could comfortably cut down the footprint of your food by 60% and reduce your total footprint by 20%. And just maybe you’ll save yourself some money and be healthier. Win! Win! Win!

Many things may be beyond our control, but we can control our actions. And those actions can become habits.

And that is a very good thing.

Please checkout website cited below.

Change the World
Let’s change the world, let’s shift it
Let’s shake and remake it
Let’s rearrange the pieces
The patterns in the maze
The reason for our days
In ways that make it better
In shades that make it brighter
That make the burden lighter
Because it’s shared, because we dared
To dream and then to sweat it
To make our mark and not regret it
Let’s plant a seed and humbly say:
I changed the world today!

Let’s change the world, let’s lift it
Let’s take it and awake it
Let’s challenge every leader
The citadels of power
The prisoners in the tower
The hour of need’s upon us
It’s time to raise our voices
To stand up for our choices
Because it’s right, because we fight
For all that’s just and fair
For a planet we can share
Let’s join the cause and boldly say:
We’ll change the world today!

Let’s change the world, let’s love it
Let’s hold it and unfold it
Let’s redesign the future
The fate of earth and sky
The existential why
Let’s fly to where there’s hope
To where the world is greener
Where air and water’s cleaner
Because it’s smart to make a start
To fix what we have broken
Our children’s wish unspoken
Let’s be the ones who rise and say:
We changed the world today!

Wayne Visser © 2018


And now for an old favorite:

Wishing peace, health, courage, determination and resolve to you and your loved ones.

Thank you for being on this journey.

Till next time,