Dear Partners in Green,

Recently a book on my shelf caught my eye.  Flipping through it, I happened upon a sentence that spoke to me of the environmental crisis we are now experiencing.

The book was “Original Blessing” by Matthew Fox, an Episcopal priest and Creation Theologian, in which he writes that “what the Yahwist author and Jesus call people to in reminding them of their royal personhood, is two things: first, their dignity. Next, their responsibility.”

That led me to another long-forgotten book, “The Sibling Society,” by the poet Robert Bly. In this, Bly asks “Where have all the grownups gone?”

He then goes on to suggests that we live in a sibling society “in which adults have regressed into adolescence and adolescents refuse to grow up.”

I do not know the answer, but I offer these for your consideration.

  • Where are the adults in this crisis?
  • Are we a sibling society?
  • Are we taking responsibility as adults, looking with wisdom and perspective on the climate crisis?
  • Are we willing to sacrifice?
  • Or do we just want what we want? A bit like a spoiled child.

The truth may lie someplace in between. 

But we cannot forget young people such as Greta Thunberg. 

Which leads me to the familiar Bible phrase, “A little child shall lead them.” Isaiah 11:6

A number of years ago I led a poetry program for elementary Montessori students. We created a book of their poems titled, Listen to the Children. The following was one of my favorites; (the poet was six years old)

The Beautiful World

There were beautiful flowers
and trees,
beautiful butterflies, grass
and birds tweeting,
beautiful seas, water and sand
and most important of all,
beautiful people.
One little girl had an idea
to pick flowers, take them
into her house
and give them to her mother.

This month live as lightly as you can.

  • Slow down
  • Pay attention
  • Journal, if you like
  • Speak softly
  • Weigh your words
  • Be grateful
  • Breathe
  • Give flowers to your  
          or someone else’s mother.

Enjoy Beethoven’s 6th Symphony – Pastoral

Wishing peace and health to you and your loved ones.

Thank you for being on this journey.

Till next time,


Bly, Robert. The Sibling Society. Vintage; reprint edition/ 1997.

Fox, Matthew. Original Blessing. First Jeremy P.Tarcher/Putnam/2000.