Dear Partners in Green

This morning, as I was sitting down to write another Seedling, baseball came to mind. I was thinking about the clubhouse and dugout, where a team gathers, goes over the plays, reviews strategies, cheers each other on, and ultimately runs out onto the field to a roaring crowd. 

But then, what if, once on the field, despite those well-laid-out plans, each player reverts back to another playbook, maybe one from Little League, from another day, another time?  Most likely, the game would be lost, the fans disappointed, reporters and press dumbfounded. 

Regarding Climate Change, is that where we are today? We know what needs to be done and the sacrifices we must make, but we often revert back to the old ways. Is it due to habit, laziness, inertia, depression, or is it a sense of entitlement? Why should we change our ways? Don’t we deserve to live the way we want to? I’ve worked hard for this; or maybe it’s just habit.

But we need to play as a team, to commit ourselves to change, to work as one, to cheer each other on, perhaps to hold each other accountable, and to determine possible causes of our failures.  

The game is not over, but we’re coming up on the Ninth inning.

The future is in our hands. Let’s commit ourselves to sacrificing for future generations. At the pace we are going, life will not be easy for them, and it will simply be impossible for too many in this world.

But we are still in the game. So let’s commit or recommit ourselves.

It is not over yet. So let’s:

  • join a team; find an environmental organization in the community
  • greatly reduce or eliminate random shopping
  • stop or significantly reduce our consumption of meat 
  • cut airplane travel by more than half, (Remember the blue skies during COVID?) 
  • talk about Climate Change with friends, family, neighbors
  • vote
  • let the grass grow, and not use pesticides 
  • hang clothes on a line to dry
  • talk Green 
  • plant a tree,
  • be the change we hope to see!

We cannot revert to old lifestyles and habits that are simply not sustainable.

We have too much to lose, and no one will do this for us. It is up to us, each one of us. Corporations are only interested in profits. Our goal is a healthy planet.

There is need of hope, but not “pie in the sky,” magical thinking hope, but hope that has energy, fortitude, resilience and determination. 

Hope that believes in its heart, if indeed hope has a heart, that children will be playing catch in clean air under blue skies for generations to come.  It is as simple as that. 

We are all in this together, and we all have to do our fair share.

Wishing peace and health to you and your loved ones.

Thank you for being on this journey.

Till next time,