We here today are drawn by sadness, love,
concern, and something more organic,
something within us that connects
us to endangered amphibians.
But it seems that in our World
separation and segmentation
apply not just in regard to humans and
the Natural World,
but between people themselves.
We must pay attention,
bridge that gap,
connect the disconnected
to one another and to our Natural World,
and then though we may feel a sense of frustration,
it will not be fragmentation,
for the circle is expanding
to include the Trout Lilies,
and the Adder’s Tongues.
Yet today we feel a sense
of vulnerability and sadness,
a need for Social Justice.
But then we ask:
Is disruption good or bad?
And what of the Dryden Bridge
and the changes in Aurora?
What of rules and regulations
and stipulations and
and what of creativity
and progress and change?
And what of the dilemma of the seedlings?
Plastic? Peat moss? Egg carton?
And where to get those cartons?
And what do we say about patience;
that we don’t need everything now?
And what of the lessons of History?
And what about joy?
Joy! Simply being one with the garden
and welcoming back the Brown Thrasher?

by The Interfaith Center’s Poetry Group, 5/5/19.

(A collaborative poem facilitated by Beth Frigard.)