There is a lag in time
during which we cannot discard
that which no longer serves,
as though it were tied to our very being,
was in the air which we breathe
though that air grows fetid and vile.
Our inertia is wedded to the element of will
binding us to ways untenable,
non-defendable, irrational.
When will we recognize
that what we thought served us well
is a harbinger of death,
that what we thought served us well
is a contradiction to its once purported
gift of prosperity and life?
There is no luxury of time,
no centuries
to come to our senses,
just hope that soon, very soon
we will awaken from insanity
and turn ourselves around.

by Beth Frigard, 1/10/19

(Written after reading an excerpt from The Dissolution of the Middle Ages by Gordon Leff.)