Words and Deeds to Combat Climate Change

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Get climate change insights from multiple fields of study.

Get suggestions for practical actions you can take to reduce the anxiety you feel.

Get the language to use to talk about climate change with others.

something has gone terribly wrong

The sense of urgency regarding the state of our natural world is rising almost to a fever pitch. We hear dire predictions about the quality of life our children and future generations will have. We witness millions of species becoming extinct. Devastating storm patterns and rising ocean waters create the potential for mass migration and mass starvation. 

Today is the day that we find our voices and speak truth to power, hope to despair, and life to death.

“The world is a sacred place and a sacred process, and we’re part of it. Maybe someday someone will find a way to say it that makes the ground tremble.”

~ Daniel Quinn

Let today be the day! I am hopeful that one, or two, or all of you will be that someone.

Working together, we can make a difference

Make Small, Practical Changes That Create Big Results

Spread The Word and Get Family and Friends Involved

Reverse the Effects of Climate Change in Our Lifetime

Save the Planet For Future Generations to Come

The Power of Partnership Can Save Us

During my 25 years of study in various fields, I have read and reread everything I could lay my hands on. One book led to another, one field of study led to another: Theology, Spirituality, Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Mythology, Biology, History, Ethics, Economics and Poetry. What I’ve learned has been interesting, chilling, enlightening, even entertaining.

I also found it life changing. I had thought I had been awake to the world around me, but it seems I had been asleep, lulled into the acceptance of a worldview, one that led to the state in which we find ourselves in \today.

We all have voices, we all have means of communication, and opportunities to change hearts and minds. I know that if we are to make a difference, we need to work together. I am a great believer in partnerships and that is what I am offering to you.

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My offering is a monthly letter with ideas from the various fields of study, with Bible verses, poems and other readings to serve as seeds in creating your own message. You know the people in your life and how best to reach and teach them with hope and with love. I will also include an action that can be taken to counter what seems to be the inevitable slide into global chaos. Even keeping the Sabbath is an act of resistance!

Consider this letter an invitation into another type of service which may include OP-ED pieces, letters to the editor, poetry, conversations with family and friends or perhaps organizing a study group with the letter as a nexus of discussion, all of this, of course, topped off with a world-saving action.

Join Us Today

Join Us Today




I hope that you will join with me, that you will find the words and shout them from the mountaintops by sermon, by poem, by essay, by speech. Words have the power to change lives and save the world, as we know it.

We are running out of time. The world needs your voice, your actions and your love for this our planet home and for all of its inhabitants.

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